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Forum "Wings" Strona Główna->Special Guest Stars->Josh Mostel - kurier medyczny Dave

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Josh Mostel - kurier medyczny Dave <-Zobacz poprzedni temat :: Zobacz następny temat->
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PostWysłany: Wto 9:08, 01 Lis 2011 Temat postu: Josh Mostel - kurier medyczny Dave


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2009: State of Play (Pete)
2004: Strip Search (Arthur Cimasi)
2003: Law & Order: Kid Pro Quo (Harvey Anchin)
2001: Knockaround Guys (Mac McCreadle)
1999: Big Daddy (Arthur Brooks)
1999: The Out-of-Towners (Dr. Faber)
1998: Rounders (Zagosh)
1998: Thicker Than Blood (Kendall)
1998: Great Expectations (Jerry Ragno)
1996: Wings: The Gift of Life - Dave
1996: The Maddening (Chicky Ross)
1995: Let It Be Me (Jordan)
1995: Streets of New York (Counterman)
1995: Billy Madison (Max Anderson)
1994: City Slickers II (Barry Shalowitz)
1994: Auf Wiedersehen Amerika (Abe)
1994: The Chase (Officer Figus)
1993: Tracey Takes on New York
1993: Searching for Bobby Fischer (Chess Club Regular)
1992: Cheers: Heeeeeere's... Cliffy! (Cue Card Guy)
1992: Nervous Ticks (Saul Warshow)
1991: City of Hope (Mad Anthony)
1991: Little Man Tate (Physics Professor)
1991: Passion (Kirby Taylor)
1991: City Slickers (Barry Shalowitz)
1990: Beverly Hills 90210: Class of Beverly Hills (Mr. Ridley)
1990: Naked Tango (Bertoni the Jeweler)
1989: Animal Behavior (Mel Gorsky)
1989: Heavy Petting
1988-1989: Murphy's Law (Wesley Harden)
1987: Wall Street (Ollie)
1987: Matewan (Cabell Testerman)
1987: Radio Days (Abe)
1987: The Equalizer: Beyond Control (Winston Erdlow)
1986: Spenser: For Hire: An Eye for an Eye (Leonard)
1986: Stoogemania (Howard F. Howard)
1986: The Money Pit (Jack Schnittman)
1985: Compromising Positions (Dicky Dunck)
1985: Almost You (David)
1984: The Boy Who Loved Trolls (Wiseman)
1984: Windy City (Sol)
1984: The Brother from Another Planet (Casio Vendor)
1983: At Ease (Maxwell)
1983: Star 80 (Private Detective)
1982: Sophie's Choice (Morris Fink)
1982: Fighting Back (Duster)
1981: Dead Ringer
1979: Delta House (Jim 'Blotto' Blutarsky)
1977: Off Campus (Steve)
1977: Seventh Avenue (Barney Green)
1976: Deadly Hero (Victor)
1976: The Money (Wheel-of-fortune operator)
1974: Harry and Tonto (Norman Coombes)
1973: Jesus Christ Superstar (King Herod)
1972: The King of Marvin Gardens (Frank)
1972: ...and Then It Happened (Wally)
1971: Going Home (Mr. Bonelli, Harry's parole officer)

w Skrzydłach: odc. 6, seria 8 - Gift of life
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Forum "Wings" Strona Główna->Special Guest Stars->Josh Mostel - kurier medyczny Dave
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